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At MoMediaMentum, We Grow Businesses!

In over 25 years experience marketing online for business, I've found the only thing that matters to business owners is more customers, patients or clients calling or coming through their door. That's the bottom line. That's how growth and results are measured. Make sense?

Why do you market? Why do you spend marketing and advertising dollars? There is only one reason.

To drive new customers, patients, or clients to your door.

At MoMediaMentum, we focus on making our clients the authority in their niche. Whether Dentist, Cosmetic Surgeon, or a Home Improvement Pro, it doesn't matter. We give your company the highest visibility, the most authority, and the one consumers choose.

Are you ready to Be Seen, Be Heard, and Be Chosen?

Introducing The Brand Authority Network

What if I told you that we have a system that will virtually guarantee business growth of 50%-500% per year? Would that excite you? Here is just some of the things we accomplish with the Brand Authority Network:

  • Top of Mind Awareness
  • Increased Visibility and Credibility
  • High Visibility Online
  • Build Your Brand and Local Reputation
  • Increased Traffic & Rankings Coming Directly From Each Piece of Published Content
  • Media Recognition Coming From Trusted Household Name Brands
  • Improved Presence and Visibility of Your Website
  • Rapid Indexing of Your Website by Google
  • Rapid High Authority Backlinks (A Key Factor for Ranking Websites)
  • Lead Generation - More Customers, Patients, or Clients for YOUR Business!

Isn't this what you are trying to accomplish with your marketing?

How's it working for you? Are you getting the results you are happy with? Let's talk bottom line, are you getting the new customers, patients or clients you were hoping for?


We publish high quality content on over 500 different highly ranked websites that Google just happens to LOVE. It's called Brand Journalism, a rapidly growing way for your small business to attract attention, traffic, media coverage, build your reputation and gain trust of the consumer. Here are the advantages of the Brand Authority Network.

Brand Journalism: A brand can use storytelling techniques to create a consumer-oriented engaging piece of content instead of a regular advertisement. This content sponsored by a brand is called branded content or Brand Journalism.

Brand Marketing: Creating an identity and using cohesive elements to define who you are as a company and develop or communicate this perception for target consumers is called brand marketing. It helps establish trust, credibility and helps form emotional bonds with customers.

Branding Strategy: Developing a long-term plan for your company to achieve specific sales goals and consumer reach is called a branding strategy. In combination of various branding elements, your branding strategies can create intangible benefits for your company/ business.

Brand Experience: Brand experience is a combination of everything that a customer goes through while purchasing and using that brand. For example, how does one feel while ordering food and eating at KFC? How does the staff behave and how fast do they deliver, and of course how did the food taste? Also, since it has many outlets all over the world, all of them are expected to maintain uniform standards of experience. What do you want your brand to be known for?

Shorten the Branding Cycle: Experts will tell you that the "Brand Establishment Window" is years in the making. They would have you believe it takes 2-5 years to establish brand. How would you like to shorten that substantially, speed up the branding cycle, and become a household name quickly?

We Tell Your Story Where it Needs to be Told, Bringing you Massive Amounts of Coverage, and Making Your Brand a Household Name 


Branded Journalism is what the name implies. It is high value content branded to your organization and published to high traffic and high value sites that build your brand, increase visibility, build your reputation and enhances your Google presence.

Here are some actual examples of content strategy our clients have deployed:

Announcements Of Something New:

  • New product launch
  • New service launch
  • New feature (eg. an upgraded product)
  • New benefit (free shipping, faster shipping, advanced features for existing customers, etc.)
  • New website
  • New report, infographic or video
  • New offers (sales, bonuses, referral rewards, etc.)

Announcement Of The Release Of Free Information:

  • Free webinar
  • Free ebook (or an ebook that can now be downloaded free)
  • Free tip sheet
  • Free infographic
  • Free report
  • Free survey/poll results
  • Free research results

Announcement Of Awards (Won Or Nominated For):

  •  Personal Awards
  • Company Awards
  • Customer Satisfaction Awards


  • Contest announcement
  • Call for entrants
  • Announcement of who is competing in the contest
  • Prize winner announcement
  • Contest rule updates

Personnel Or Company Changes:

  • New hire to an existing position
  • New hire to a new position
  • Retirement
  • Company anniversary
  • Product anniversary
  • Product milestone (eg. number of users, number of installs, new countries sold to)


  • Need survey participants
  • Need beta testers
  • Need donations

Charity News:

  • Announcement that a business is supporting a charity
  • Announcement of a charity drive
  • Free product or discount product or service for donators to a charity
  • Charity success story (funds raised, people helped etc)

As you can see, we can do Brand Journalism about virtually any promotional idea you may have. This content is then published on over 500 high authority websites, bringing you maximum exposure, new traffic, new phone calls, and new patients, clients or customers. Again, that is what you want, right?

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