How Would You Like to Legally Steal Customers
From Your Competitors?

GeoConquesting is Here,
Get it Before Your Competition Does!



A Surveillance System so Advanced it Captures Your Competitor's Customers and Advertises Your Business to Them Wherever They Go!


Here is How it Works!



Your "Pin & Win" Ad Push
The Details of Your Exclusive Ad Campaign

How it Works:

  • Target 5 locations of your choice. Via agreements with over 180,000 apps on the Android and Apple platforms, we capture the unique Advertising ID of the user's device. (Every phone has this.)
  • We "PIN" the phone, and immediately begin targeting the user with
    your banner ads. Once the target device is pinned, ads show whether they are inside the targeted zone or not.
  • Your banner ads follow then wherever they go. Not just on their phone, but also on their home or work computer, and even their tablet.
  • Your targets are EXCLUSIVE to you. No other business can target the locations you choose as long as you have them.
  • This is the most highly targeted ad campaign you could ever run. You are advertising to people already interested in your services, as they are targeted while visiting your competitor, seeking to buy the same service or product you provide - who could be a better target than that?

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